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After being overhead discussing their trading plans, and the cash-flow problems of Sulacia, Sulacia and Inardal are asked to visit the offices of Jose-Maria Cabbaleros, a well-known cartographer, in Marsales.

Cabbaleros offers Sulacia (and her crew) 2000 pieces of eight in return for the mapping of the coasline of Cuwayo. He requests that particular attention be paid to the areas around the major ports, as it is here that the most accurate information is required to make his maps the best.

What Happened Next ...[]

After over a month charting the coast of Cuwayo, during which many other adventurous moments befell the crew, they returned to Marsales with all possible speed, whereupon they did, indeed, recieve their bounty. Most of the payment had to be spent on repairs to the ship and careening, but at least a small profit was made. Cabbaleros was pleased with the map, and it seems that he would be well-disposed towards the crew of the Belinda in the future.