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The stone circle at Bluth's Crown, a major Elemental Artefact, is damaged! Cracks began to appear in the stones that form the 'crown' overnight, and it appears that their magic is fading!

The Mages of Bluth's Crown have done all that they can to stop the degredation, but to no avail - the cracks continue to grow every time a Mage touches the stones to share in their power.

Pars Potri, a young Masaquani apprentice Mage that lives at Bluth's Crown has told Inardal that, in a dream, he was told what was needed in order to heal the stones and prevent any further damage, but it will be far from easy to get the materials required to make the ritual a success!

The following items are needed to perform the ritual.

  • A gallon of water from the heart of the Flotsam Sea.
  • A pound of lava gathered from the great volcano of Torath-Ka.
  • A pound of pure gold from the Kehana Flumes.
  • A bottle containing air from the highest peak of the Coaker Mountains.

For each item that is returned to Bluth's Crown, the mages are offering two potions, and an unspecified monetary reward.

What Happened Next[]

A pound of gold has been recovered from the Kehana Flumes, but not yet delivered to the mages at Bluth's Crown.