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A record of friends lost, and allies slain. The sea is a cruel mistress and will oft times take those who are held closest and enemies of all stripes will strive to cause distress through the loss of those who matter the most.

Cais Caith - Died 24th July, 13AD[]

Cais was one of a pair of twins that were rescued from a ship wrecked in a storm. Shortly after a sighting of the ghost ship known as The Flying Dutchman He was killed in a sea battle with a Schooner, a long splinter of wood thrown up by cannon shot piercing his brain through his eye.

Zander Zax - Died 13th September, 13AD[]

Zander was an experienced sailor and a useful hand aboard ship. A few days after a sighting of The Flying Dutchman he was crushed by a load of timber being taken off the ship when a line broke unexpectedly.

Caris Caith - Died 4th October, 13AD[]

The twin of Cais, Caris withdrew into himself after the death of Cais. He was torn to shreds by a flock of razorwings from which he didn't even try to hide, two days after sighting The Flying Dutchman.

The Belinda - Abandoned, Presumed Sunk 3rd November, 13AD[]

Following a Heavy Storm and a Blizzard that led her into the Flotsam Sea, The Belinda found herself beyond repair and so was abandoned in favour of a more repairable craft.

John Smith - Died, February 21st, 14 AD[]

John Smith decided the best way to burn some desecrated bones was to put them with a satchel full of gunpoweder and then ignite it with the pan on his Musket - unfortunately for him, the powder did not burn, but exploded, killing him and injuring several others.

Jaraquay - Died, March 6th, 14 AD[]

Jaraquay was slain in his sleep by a Seaweed Fiend that had snuck on board while the ship was sailing through the Flotsam Sea.