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Azy Angsley, founder of the small port of Azy Cay is a strong woman, of that there can be no doubt, but for the
most part sailing, whether legitimate, or piratical, is a man’s game. Women are often used, abused, lied to, and abandoned.

So Azy has decided to open her island to women in need of refuge—and damn the consequences should some jilted lover come looking for them. Azy also hopes bringing more women to the island will eventually increase its population and make it a legitimate and prosperous town.

While drinking with Inardal, Azy told her of her plan and asked her to look for girls who are down on their luck around the Thousand Isles and drop them at Azy Cay.

She offers no reward—just a chance to do the right thing.

What happened next ...[]

After a mutiny by Edward Low while transporting Rana Racen from Keira to the Free Towns, the crew headed to Brigandy Bay, where they rescued Rana, Annie Mason, and several other 'wenches' from The Black Queen, an Inn there.

Those women were taken to Azy Cay, and left with Azy herself - who was more than happy to offer them a new life.