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Senator Rinas Racen approached the crew, having given the order to release John Smith from his incarceration at the hands of Commandant Lux Livis of the Timin Garrison.

His daughter, Rana, it transpires is an outspoken girl, prone to bouts of Anti-Imperial rhetoric. After a recent outburst Commandant Livis threatened to have her sent to Keira in chains, unless she married him. Rana refused, but Rinas later accepted on her behalf in order to spare her the predations of the Great Whale, hoping to reason with the Commandant once he had calmed down. Unfortunately the Commandant didn't turn out to be easy to reason with, insisting that the wedding would go ahead as planned in just a few days time.

The Senator wants his daughter to be kidnapped from Livis' quarters and taken to the Free Towns for a new life. He will provide her with a chest containing 8000 pieces of eight to provide for her new life. One over-riding condition that he has is that she must not know that the Kidnapping is, in fact, a rescue attempt until she is safe in the Free Towns - that way if the attempt is unsuccesful she will not know the truth and cannot be implicated in any way, and neither can the Senator.

In return, he offers a family heirloom - a Magical Rapier named Mage Slayer.

What Happened Next...[]

The crew were successful in breaking the Senator's daughter out of her incarceration, though they roused most of the Timin garrison, killing some of them in the process. Rana was injured in the attempt, shot by one of the guardsmen who was trying to take down Cav who had the girl slung over his shoulder at the time.

They eventually escaped Timin and thanks to the ministrations of Inardal the girl survived her shooting.

Later, she attempted to escape near the coast of Torath-Ka, and they were forced to rescue her from being sacrificed to a Red Man Mulak-To.

Then, after a mutiny by Edward Low, she was taken to Brigandy Bay and sold to become a tavern girl - once more, she was rescued, and now resides at Azy Cay, minus the money that her father left for her, which was taken by Edward Low.