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  1. They pick up a wounded Kraken.
  2. Natural Healing Rolls - no-one heals - There is a heavy storm, which they sail through but everyone is fatigued, they are lost at sea, however, as the crew aren't able to work out where they are afterwards.
  3. The Captain puts everyone on Half Rations, and they decide to head for Azy Cay once Inardal works out where they are since the Storm put them off course.
  4. Edward Low starts a Mutiny, only Horris Hoy and Merkle side with the Characters, Injured and with no weapons, Senra decides to fight back. Most of the crew are thrown overboard and then a natural disaster strikes (Cav's Player plays the "Volcano" Adventure Card) - Razorwings attack - eventually the crew are all ashore - much the worse for wear.
  5. Unconcious people come around ... They fish,so they don't starve, but have no water ...
  6. They go searching for water ... and find a game trail which they follow to fresh water! Grull spots a pair of skeletons, and Senra searches them, which leads her to find a map that could give them a way off the island.
  7. They search around for food, but don't find much.
  8. The next day they make for "El Gato del Mar" in the hopes that it will be there, finding a pair of wild cattle en route, which they slaughter when the arrive
  9. They rest before they set sail for Baltimus, intending to rest there and sell magical items to make enough money to re-equip.
  10. Natural Healing Inardal is down to 1 wound, John Smith is healed but Cav and Senra are still injured.
  11. They arrive in Baltimus.
  12. After a week of carousing they all regain a wound and Inardal buys 3 spaces of Timber to sell in Brigandy Bay.
  13. Spy Pirates waiting for prey and avoid them.

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