50 Fathoms Wiki
  1. Carifax - Tressa is captured!  Must go and rescue her!
  2.  Carouse in Caresia - a massive blow out
    • Inardle Spends 110
    • Sir Geoffrey Spends 145
    • Krank Spends 200
    • Gruul Spends 200
    • Amelia Spends 100
    • The NPC Crew need an additional 445
  3.  Set Sail (Day 1 at sea) Encounter a Spaniard, who follows them.
  4. Encounter another Spaniard coming the other way - heading towards them. They choose to keep outrunning them if they can.
  5.  Sail past the second spaniard - first is still trailing them.
  6.  Lost the trailing spaniard!
  7.  Arrive in Arfk - Gruul takes a keepsake from Blargle back to his mother. It is emotional. A note is left - Gruul leave a message "Gone to rescue a friend for the honour of blargle"
  8.  Set sail again
  9.  Get caught in a Blizzard
  10.  Get out of the Blizzard - off course
  11.  Land and head accross land towards Isla Dios. Amelia uses Beast Friend to get a seagull to do a reccy, which doesn't do well.  Sir J persuades Carifax to scout out instead.
  12.  Some head back to the ship and sail around to 'bait' the Perdition into chasing them, while the mages try to 'steal' tressa's body.
  13.  They attack - Inardle goes berserk on the perdition, slaying LOTS of Torquemada's crew.
  14.  They get away, with a damaged ship, and have the heart of Tressa.