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Back to December, 13 AD

  1. Arrive in Brigandy Bay. The Men go Carousing and Krank joins them to get drunk. Krank and John notice that several of the girls at "The Black Queen" have been beaten, but there is no sign of the girl they are looking for.
  2. John Smith goes back to "The Black Queen" in order to try to bribe one of the girls in order to find out where the girl they are after is. He buys her for the night and they rest in her room. He sleeps on the floor. Meanwhile the rest of the crew are preparing to burn down the Black Queen in order to cause a distraction so they can get into the cellar.
    • Inardal, Senra and Krank go into the Bar and order drinks.
    • Meanwhile Gruul and Cav are outside.
    • Cav scopes out the stables and finds that there are no horses there, he sneaks in and finds the barrels are full of opium - using rum as an accellerant he starts a fire, but is seen as he makes his way out of the window.
    • Chaos ensues, but they escape with Rana Racen, Annie Mason and 9 other whores ...
    • Smith blows up the port!
    • They set sail for Azy Cay.
  3. Encounter a wreck, Inardal boards through flying and Zephyr and finds the crew all dead. They take on the no-handed man, Jim Black, then continue on to Azy Cay.
  4. They spot sunken ruins, which are 'protected' by some Great Whites. THREE plays of "Uh-Oh" later and it's effectively Jinka-Tahn ....
    • 500 pieces of eight are found, along with ... 4 spaces of Carroway wood
    • Inardal and Senra gut the giant shark (windfall card) and find 5000 pieces of eight and a Mermaid's Bracelet
  5. They arrive at Azy Cay and drop the girls off ... then prepare to sail to Brigandy Bay ...
  6. Gruul repairs one wound on the ship and they sail back to Brigandy Bay (Adventure Card used to travel quickly)
  7. Arrive in Brigandy Bay and sell the cargo (Adventure card used to cover their tracks).
  8. They sail back towards Baltimus.
  9. Arrive in Baltimus with no problems

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