50 Fathoms Wiki

1. Arrive in Baltimus, and the Kraken leave them to find a new crew - they hire a group of Sailors, Masaquani and Human, including a Ship's Surgeon.

12:  Ship has had rigging repaired and the crew are all ready - they prepare to set sail for Azy Cay, and then on to Brigandy Bay in search of Blackbeard.

16: Arrive at Azy Cay - find that the pier is too low to moor to properly.  Sell Azy Anglesea some timber to build up the docks - Azy doesn't want any questions about Blackbeard being asked.

17. Set sail for Brigandy Bay once more - early afternoon hear cannonfire and choose to ignore as it is a Spanish ship being attacked.

18. The Pirate that was attacking the Spaniard yesterday is following them

19. They arrive in Brigandy Bay - the pirate follows them in a couple of hours later.  They sell their cargo and start to find information about the whereabouts of Blackbeard.

  • Krank - asks who is the most vicious pirate in port - and is told L'ollonaise!  She also asks about Blackbeard and discovers that Blackbeard never leaves his ship.
  • Gruul and Sam just listen out for info.  They hear that L'ollonaise is in port, and hasn't left his ship - the rumour is that he is ill.
  • Later, Sam notices a couple of sailors scoping out their ship.
  • That night Krank frequents a brothel and presses the girls and the madam for information about Blackbeard - apparently Blackbeard pirates just to the west of the Whip isles.

20.  Set sail again ... (Day 7 at sea)

22.  Encounter Blackbeard and the Destroyer at contact range (far distant)

  • They confirm several rumours about Blackbeard and his ship, and thanks to some fake colours (supplied by Inardle) they are able to avoid any unpleasant combat - they then make for Caresia.

23. They sail due south instead of north west ... oops

26. Arrive in Caresia (day 13 at sea). Buy a gun for Lord Jeffry.

27. Gamble with Blackbeard and win the bet, but don't realise that they deal they made might not have been the right one and Blackbeard runs Inardle through and throws her on to their ship, sending zombies after 'em.

30. Arrive back in Caresia, recruit a Pilot. Not yet re-stocked.