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  1. They leave Caresia and sail on again, this time heading to Baltimus in order to meet up with their other ship.
  2. Arrive in Baltimus, having encountered Admiral Duckworth's blockade, though they don't speak with Duckworth himself.
    • They discover that the blockade is due to attacks on BEIC shipping, thought to be Pirates.
    • They decide to wait for their prize ship to arrive as it has no papers of its own.
  3. The Prize ship arrives. And they sail into port. Senra arranges a loan from Takas for 1500 pieces of eight.
    • Senra Spends 125 pieces of eight
    • Gruul Spends 190 pieces of eight
    • Krank Spends 180 pieces of eight
    • Cav Spends 75 pieces of eight
    • Inardal Spends 120 pieces of eight
    • Blargle Spends 130 pieces of eight and gets Drunk. He wakes up to find a rolled up treasure map in his trousers.
  4. Blargle gets drunk again. He now owes a gambling den 260 pieces of eight.
  5. Krank drinks with some really loud drunks and is Hard of Hearing until the 24th, Blargle is, unexplainably really popular and gets +4 Charisma until he leaves port.
  6. 2
  7. Cav wakes with a small locked box that is sealed and manacled to his right wrist - when Silk tries to pick the lock, the lockpick disappears.  Inardal wakes up buried up to her neck in sand on the beach.  Blargle wakes up married to Angharad "Annie" Meacham, she follows him to the ship, and then the captain sends Blargle and his wife away to 'get to know each other'.
  8. Inardal goes looking for a buyer for the ship that's not the BEIC and is able to find a buyer who will give her 10,000 pieces of eight.
  9. Cav insists that they sail for Keira to try and find Tomas de Orinjo, so they travel via Marsales in order to deliver a letter to "White Dove"
  10. Arrive in Marsales. There is another letter to return to Baltimus, but Enrico will wait for another courier to send on his messages.
  11. Blargle breaks the news that he's married to his mum, as they port in Arfk briefly, then sail on towards Keira.
  12. They encounter the Perdition, the barge of Tomas de Torquemada.  They summon a Magical Storm ... which has no effect.
  13. A storm rises as they approach Keira ... they limp into port.
    • They can't find a buyer for their cargo of wood, so intend to wait a week to look for another buyer.

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