50 Fathoms Wiki

1. attacked by 2 junks - they lose their sails, and send Cav to single-handedly board one of them.  That doesn't go well.  He suffers 2 wounds.  Eventually they seem to see off the smaller junk, but then get boarded by the larger of the two.

2. They end up beached near Swindon, with two ships, one somewhat smashed to pieces.  Using the remains of one craft they are able to repair El Gato del Mar, though this takes several days.


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7. Wierd magic potions are found.  There are many shennanigans.  They decide to return Prince Amnenus to Baltimus.

8. They discover Lord Smythe's daughter, being attacked by the Spanish Inquisition!  They see off the inquisition and rescue the girl

9. They arrive in Baltimus, are arrested, but thanks to Lord Smythes daughter, who was brought up by none other than Edward Lazenby, they manage to get themselves released and even have a Letter of Marque drawn up for them - they then set sail with all due haste to find a target to hunt down.



12.  Arrive in Swindon and get the ship repaired - it takes two weeks during which time they encounter a Kehana that want's to have Angus McBryde rescued.

26. Encounter the Francine, and get news of Torath-Ka - the Red men are restless.


28. Arrive in Brigandy Bay