50 Fathoms Wiki

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Inardle became a full Arch-Mage and the crew headed towards Tulago to try and find L'Ollonaise.  They stop in Bristo and manage to persuade the residents that they aren't Pirates - then they begin to prepare for the move on Tulago - will they try to recover the prince and the price on his head, take the fight to L'Ollonaise and his 7 ships worth of Pirates, or simply sneak in and try to steal the sword of King Amnenus, wherever it may be?

It is All Hallow's Eve in four nights time ... perhaps that is the ideal time to make their move ...

27.  They decide to disguise their ship as the Flying Dutchman, then themselves to look like spooks.  Summon a storm then head to Tulago to try and spook the pirates.

28. They sail to the wreck they know of full of the bones of dead slaves - in order to recover skeletons to 'crew' the ship with.  They dive, and encounter Captain Iago, so they swim away - while there is a discussion going on on the surface, Barney dives again, and spies the locket he's been told about - he tries to grab it, but Iago attacks him, knocking him into incapacitation and lowering his vigour by one point.  Then he bleeds out.  Blargle throws "Poker" and his Grim Servant of Death kicks in.

Krank slays the ghost with her Kraken Bone Sword.  There is much shenannigans, involving Cav having a heart attack, but they realise that the amulet of Iago can turn someone into a ghost for a time ... this may prove useful in creating a 'ghost ship'.

29. They head back to Bristo and pick up a British Rifleman - finish dressing the ship and prepare to sail on All Hallow's eve, with Inardle being the 'ghost captain'.


31. They sail, that night, to Tulago and set the plan in motion.  Krank water bolts a few ships for good measure.

They get away with Alain Amnenus, and a map. and knowledge that blackbeard has the sword.

GM's Journal - November, 14AD