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  1. Start Mapping the Coast of Cuwayo
  2. Encounter the Flying Dutchman a little outside of Cuwayo. They prepare for battle and it sails on by ...
  3. Senra spots some sunken ruins a little to the north east of Tulago. Their diving locates .. 1800 pieces of eight and a Mariner's Lantern, in the ruins of an old Manor house.
  4. A second day's search finds nothing else of value.
  5. Sail past a Brigantine escorting a Frigate south.
  6. Make port in Lanos and sell 2 spaces of Timber and buy 1 space of food and 1 space of Gunpowder. Xander Xax is killed as a line snaps while unloading the timber. John Smith gains the Quirk: Superstitious.
  7. Spot a Hoy along the coast towards Xaxa. It's a pirate and attacks - Senra is impressed with the captains skill, and in spite of being outgunned they sink it! The enemy crew are all slain, including the captain, thanks to John Smith's expert shooting! They find 500 pieces of eight on board. Senra takes the captain's compass as a trophy. It turns out to be a Pirate's Compass.
  8. Spot a Great White which they Ignore.
  9. Inardal sees a fishing fleet of 5 Junks, guarded by 2 Frigates. They watch the Frigates with Inardals Spyglass - the Frigates are watching them back.
  10. Near where they searched the sunken ruins outside of Tulago they see a Galleon, with seamen diving from it. It is flying a flag with the same symbol as appears on Senra's lantern.
    • They approach and Senra boards, speaking to Captain Corvas Cai of the Waverider.
    • Senra arranges to meet with the Captain, and the man who hired him - Horris Hoy.
    • Senra comes clean that they looted the ruins - and tells of the lantern that they found, but not of the money ...
    • She offers Horris a position on the Crew at half pay, until he 'pays off' the value of the lamp.
    • He joins as a Cabin Boy.
    • She also sells four cannon to Captain Cai, for 100 pieces of eight.
  11. Get lost at sea in some heavy fog.
  12. Get lost again
  13. Back on the coast of Cuwayo

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