50 Fathoms Wiki
  1. They decide that poison is the best way to slay Byron Baltimus and his cronies, leaving them free to search the house for Bruno Baltimus' documents.
    • First of all they try to see Badger to attempt to buy lots of opium - and realise they'd need SO much that it wouldn't be feasible to do it.
    • Inardal and Cav then try to come up with other ways to get the poison.  Cav wants to Harvest some himself, but realises that that just isn't going to be available in time ... so ... off to buy some.
    • Asking around, they discover that Badger is the man to go to for Poison in Baltimus, and they don't want to have to deal with him, having already upset him this morning.
    • They then go to see Auld Aggie who gives Cav a Parrot and Inardle some Poison.
    • Next, they visit Konaidas.  Where they acquire a potion of Roc's Blood and a Cure-All
  2. Shopping is done to buy a cargo and prepare the ship for departure after the party.
  3. Party at the Baltimus House. Arm wrestling.  Kill 'em all, but get identified by a guard, so they bribe the watch and flee.
  4. Head to Bluth's Crown so Inardle can become an Arch-Mage
  5. Encounter a Merchant flotilla in the Pirate Sea
  6.  Encounter Duckworth - which shits them up a bit! Duckworth invites the Captain and her Officers to dinner ...
    • His sword doesn't think that they are Pirates.
  7. Sail on towards Bluth's Crown again...
  8. Arrive at Bluth's Crown and the Ritual must occur.
  9. Inardle Fasts for a Day - and then the Ritual Occurs with the following other characters representing the elements for her ritual.
    • Gruul: Earth
    • Cav - Wind
    • Barney - Fire
    • Krank - Water
      • She defeats, then heals them, becoming a full archmage!
  10. Inardle shares her vision about the Kings Weapon being the key/Quay/Cay and the Son/Sun providing aid
    • They head for Azy Cay.
  11. They arrive and Carouse, with Azy paying their way.
  12. Set Sail for Brigandy Bay!
  13. Arrive at Brigandy Bay.
  14. Gruul and Krank overhear a conversation about "L'Ollonaise" having "The Prince".  Barney New Balls steals a magical amulet.  Inardle Gambles. Cav gets Laid.
  15. They discover that the son of King Amnenus has been captured by L'Ollonaise, and there is a bounty of 10,000 pieces of eight for his release ... they start to Pl.
  16.  Town runs out of booze - Krank wont share
  17.  Gruul ends up getting haunted by John Smith
  18.  Look to recruit. Get 4 sailors and a master of guns, then set sail for Arfk.
  19.  They pick up a trail ... privateers after a bounty on the heads of the crew of El Gato Del Mar.
  20.  They lose the trail on the edge of the flotsam sea.
  21. See shoals of fish.

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