50 Fathoms Wiki

Atani Mage and Super of the British East India Company[]


Agility: d12, Smarts: d10, Spirit: d8, Strength: d4, Vigour: d8


Boating: d6, Fighting: d8, Flying: d6, Gambling: d4, Healing: d8, Notice: d6, Persuasion: d8, Swimming: d4, Knowledge (Navigation): d6, Knowledge (Spellcasting): d8, Knowledge (Arcana): d8, Shooting d4, Streetwise d6.

Other Statistics:[]

Parry: 6, Toughness: 6, Pace: 6, Charisma: 0, Fame: 24, XP: 117


Old Sea Dog, Elemental Mastery (Air, Water, Earth and Fire), Booty (Magical Spyglass), Master Merchant, Wizard, Healer. Connections (Bristo), Connections (BEIC - from Fame) Power Points, No Mercy

Defining Interests:[]

Geography, Poker (+2), Elemental Science, Astronomy, Anatomy.

Starting Hindrances:[]

Arrogant, Greedy (Minor), Castaway (From Old Sea Dog), Habit (Minor)

Hindrances Gained Through Play:[]

Usual Equipment:[]

Magical Spyglass, Pirate's Compass, Mermaid's Bracelet, Pirate's Eyepatch, Mundane Compass, Maps, Deck of Cards (Marked)

Spells Known:[]

Farsight, Storm, Waterwalk, Healing, Dispel, Barrier, Becalm (Learnt from Tome), Summon Elemental


From spending much of her time alone after being castaway, Inardle believes she can accomplish anything by herself, or at least her input is needed to finish the job. She grows impatient if things don't happen quickly enough and is prone to taking measures into her own hands. Of course the path never runs smoothly, but without her the crew would never get anywhere!

Is a skilled gambler and will use her womanly wiles to acquire as many pieces of eight as possible. Her greed also spreads to not divvying up any loot in the correct manner, Gruul has already fallen pray to this sneaky tactic.

Has a need to say "Okey dokey matey bloke flap old salty seadog amigo skip-jack jockstrap piano tuner" every time a plan of some kind is afoot.


Relationships with other characters[]