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While the crew are drinking in the Dog & Monkey, in Jomba Town they show sympathy towards Alfredo Pancini's complaints about the Town Council. Cavorts-with-Pelicans notices they are being watched by a fellow sitting on his own by the door, so he sneaks up to him and tells him to back off.

The man is scared and more than a little intimidated, but requests that the crew come with him into the woods, as he needs help - he won't explain any more than that.

In the woods he uncovers a hastily buried body of a Human, their throat obviously slit. He explains that this was a stranger to Jomba Town who asked questions about the council, and then dissapeared - he found the body while walking in the woods.

He has no proof, but believe the council were involved - the townsfolk are too scared of the repercussions of going against the council to do anything, but perhaps a band of brave outsiders might be able to make a difference.

What Happened Next ...[]

The crew decide to help the citizens of Jomba Town, and Inardal is sent to discover what she can about the Council through business dealings, while the rest of the crew scout out the town itself. They are sidetracked by the occurences on The Ghost Trail, but ultimately the sidetrack aids them in bringing about the downfall of the council and the election of a Mayor who has the interests of the town in his mind.