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Notes concerning the varied ports and seas of the Thousand Isles of Caribdus can be found here.

Personal Logs[]

The Log books and journals of the crew might be found here.

Adversaries and Antagonists[]

Details of enemies that have been encountered may be found here.

Quests and Missions[]

A list of Quests, Missions and Plot Twists that have come up, and may come up again.

Cracks in the Stonework : The Mages of Bluth's Crown need assistance.

Do the Right Thing : Azy Anglesea offers a refuge for women in need.

The Black Prince : A Ghostly Captain asks for aid, but turns out to be hiding something!

The Dark Tower : An old Sea Dog tells a tale of the Dead Walking!

The Rising Tide : A Scurillian claims that the thousand isle's will be gone in a matter of years!