50 Fathoms Wiki

The Ghost of Captain Iago Alfonso de Toledo appeared to Senra one late watch, a heavy fog rising up along with him. He says that his ship, The Black Prince arrived on Caribdus 3 years ago amidst a terrible storm. The ship floundered, the crew abandoned ship and took to the longboats. Finding no land, the crew started to die of thirst, and wishing to avoid that long and lingering death, the captain threw himself overboard and drowned.

Now he cannot rest until the locket that his wife gave him is recovered from his ship, resting on a shelf some 20 fathoms below the sea. He cannot travel beneath the waves, but is able to give others the ability to do so.

He offers the treasure his ship was carrying in return for the service of retrieving the locket so that he might finally rest.

What happened next ...[]

It transpired that The Black Prince was carrying slaves and that the captain left the slaves manacled in the hold to go down with the ship. While the locket was discovered, the crew of the Belinda were unsure as to whether or not they should give the locket to a man who would leave others to die so readily. Inardal made the decision for the crew as a whole, snatching the locket from Senra's hand, diving overboard and letting the locket sink back down into the depths ...

Captain Iago faded away, but not before vowing revenge on the crew of the Belinda and Inardal in particular.