50 Fathoms Wiki

Manouvering Statistics[]

Acceleration: 2

Travel Speed: 4 (3 Base, +1 from Fast Edge)

Top Speed: 3 (4 Base, -1 from Poor Rigging)

Handling: 0 (Base +1, -1 from Warped Rudder) (Additional +1 to avoid running aground)

Crew: 12+18

Combat Statistics[]

Toughness: 15(5)

Guns: 2 8-Pounders (4 Mounts Empty)

Masts: 3

Cargo Details[]

Cargo Spaces: 12 (8 base, +4 from Extra Cargo Space Edge)

  • Current Cargo : 1 space given over to provisions, 2 given over to Muskets and Blades

Stores Spaces: 200

  • Current Provisions : 468 (Using Cargo Space)
  • 40 Shot and Powder for Cannon in the Stores.

Repair Details[]

Typical Repair Costs: 120 Pieces of Eight per wound/critical

Careening Costs: 1200 Pieces of Eight

  • Date of Last Careening: Unknown

Notes and Upgrades[]

  • Thick Hull: The Ship has +1 Armour due to solid construction.
  • Fast: The Ship is built for swift travel and gains +1 Travel Speed
  • Extra Cargo Space: The Ship has been designed for optimum cargo capacity. Cargo spaces are increased by 50% (Included above)
  • Warped Rudder: -1 Handling. Can be repaired for 1000 Pieces of Eight and a week in Dry Dock.
  • Poor Rigging: The Ships Rigging needs replacing. All of it. The Ship suffers -1 Top Speed. Can bre repaired for 1500 Pieces of Eight and a weeks work.
  • Small Quarters: Due to errors during construction the Crew Quarters are inadequate. The Crew suffer Fatigue due to Cabin Fever every 15 days rather than every 30 as would normally be the case.