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While scouting the outskirts of Jomba Town some of the crew are nearly run off the trail by a panicked man on a horse. He later rides into Jomba Town, where he encounters Inardal and she learns that he and his companion were attacked by a 'Ghost' on the trail between Jomba Town and Calib's Rock.

Inardal speaks with the town council and is offered 2500 pieces of eight by Ian O'Connel to deal with the problem.

What Happened Next ...[]

While Inardal was speaking with the Jomba Town Council, the other members of the crew had reverse-tracked the panicked horseman's route and come across his campsite, finding his companion dead, but with not a mark on him save a look of terrible fear!

Investigating local knowledge combined with documents stolen from the council buildings lead to the discovery that the deaths on the Ghost Trail began some three years ago, when Jomba (the founder of the town) went missing and the council took over.

The Council Records also detail a pact made between various Council members to depose Jomba, as they were all former slavers and did not find being ruled over by a 'savage' something they could stomach.

Ian O'Connel, a red-headed Irishman was the member of the council that slew Jomba.

Of those that went missing on the trail, 8 of the 12 were from earth, and of those 8, 7 were of either Scots or Irish descent.

The dead man found by the crew was also a red-head, so it would appear that Jomba is seeking his revenge from beyond the grave!

The crew brought together a group of Jomba Towners to help depose the council as part of the Shallow Grave incident, and the Council were hung by the neck. The crew took O'Connel's body out to the point where Jomba had killed the red-headed traveller and put the ghost to rest. Jomba's harpoon was then taken back to the people of Jomba Town to be used as a rod of office for their new Mayor.